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A Place of Love and Safety for Abandoned Babies

Updated: Feb 26

Merencia and Allistair Scholtz lived a blissful life. They kept a comfortable home and both had great jobs that they loved. But there was still a void in their lives – a yearning they couldn’t shake off. It was more than just longing for a baby of their own, which they couldn’t conceive, but a sense of purpose too. In 2016, their whole world crashed when they both lost their jobs in the same week. But then they got the chance to run the El-Shammah Home for Abandoned Babies in Primrose, Germiston. They had no experience, but they knew this was the challenge they had been preparing for their whole lives. The Scholtzes, originally from the dusty streets of Mitchells Plain in Cape Town, had prayed for one baby. Now, they care for at least seven at any given time. Babies like *Ruth, whom they meet under the most horrific circumstances.

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