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About Us

 Discover who we are, our mission, and how we're

making a difference in the lives of orphaned children.

El-Shammah Home is a Department of Social Development Gauteng-accredited child and youth care centre that accepts infants ages 0 to 18 months. The Home was formally launched on May 13, 2009, and is located at 5 Carnation Street, Primrose Germiston, Gauteng, South Africa.

The home's primary goal is to provide a safe haven for abandoned and unwanted babies from the time of birth until they are about 18 months old. The goal of the home is to provide a clean, safe, and loving environment for babies to grow up in, where they can receive physical, spiritual, and emotional nourishment from full-time, trained carers who are available to them constantly.

At full capacity the three bedroom Home can accommodate 12 babies in the age groups of nu-born- 6 months and 7 - 18 months respectively. The home is a community project caring for babies of all races. At least 99% of the babies at the Home are black South African Babies. Given the South African Police Service (SAPS), as well as other social workers and child welfare organisations, have been regularly bringing babies into the home, there has been a huge need for this facility in the neighbouring communities for the last two and a half years.

Our Mission

Explore how we're dedicated to providing love, care, and opportunities for orphaned babies, ensuring they have a safe and nurturing start in life.

Save the Babies

We take care of Abandoned and Unwanted Babies from nu-born until approximately 18 months as a place of safety.

Provide for their needs

We facilitate a safe and neat home environment where the babies can find a place of love, care, and protection. 

Preserve the family unit

Babies can experience true motherly nourishment physically, spiritually, and emotionally.

Educate young mothers

El-Shammah guides and supports young mothers through training and surpervision


Meet the passionate individuals driving our mission forward with compassion and commitment.
The team

 The team is lead by Merencia and Alistair Scholtz

Project Manager and Client Liason Manager


Explore the specialized care and support services we offer to ensure the health, happiness, and development of babies in our care.

Baby Massages 

Service providers use sensory exercises and land activities like massage and water flotation to boost motor skills and promote healthy growth in infants.

Neuro Development Therapy

Neuro Developmental therapy helps child reach their gross motor milestones, monitors fine motor issues and refers where needed.

Play Therapy

Play therapy is a crucial tool for children's communication, development and growth.

Parent-Infant Pyschotherapy

Parent-Infant psychotherapy aims to improve the self-esteem and interpersonal relationships between a newborn or toddler and their parent.

Pre-Adoption Service

The pediatrician and therapists assess and provide reports for placing infants and young children in permanent homes, including adoption, foster care, and family reunification.

Operation Immunisation

Immunisation protects adults and children from dangerous infections by developing resistance to specific pathogens. 


Learn about the certifications and accreditations that validate our commitment to providing high-quality care and support for orphaned children.

Mayor Certificate of Recognition 
EL-Shammah Auditors SED
5 year certificate
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