Please find below the list of our requirements: 

 1. Pampers from newborn to sz 5 

 2. Purity any sz any flavour 

 3. Fresh vegetables (potatoes, carrots, sweet potatoes, butternut,) 

 4. Fruit 

 5. Custard 

 6. Maize 10kg 

 7. Lactogen 1-3 [We use 2 tins of 1.8kg formula every 2 days] 

8. Medicines - Panado syrup, Allergex syrup, Calpol Syrup, Lenovate and Persivate cream, Multipeol Cream, Nystacid cream, Adco Linctopen, Adco Flupain, Rinex syrup, Hyospasmol syrup, Prospan syrup, Brochleer Junior syrup, 

9. Detergents - Washing powder, Handy Andy, Bleach, Sunlight Liquid, Fabric Softner, dustbin liners 

10. Baby clothes from newborn to 18 months 

11. Bum Cream 

12. Baby Oil 

13. Baby lotion 

14. Epimax Junior 

15. Bennets Cradle Cap Cream 

 16. Wet Wipes 

 17. White Towels 

 18. White Face clothes 

 19. Baby Soap 

 20. Sudocream 

 21. Hand Sanitizer 

22. Steri nappi 

23. Dishwashing tablets 

24. Rechargeable AA and AAA batteries 

Other Needs: 

1. Administration Needs 

1.1 A4 Laminating Pouches 

1.2 Typec Paper

 2. Service and maintenance of vehicles 

 3. Back Splash tiles for stove area 

 4. Waterproofing staff canteen 

 5. Bird blinders for pigeons

 6. Installation of two aluminum windows and sliding door in the big log home; 

7.  Replace existing windows in the main house